Countercurrent (Atlas Link #4)

COUNTERCURRENT (Book 4 of the Atlas Link Series)
Release Date: TBD


Countercurrent (Atlas Link, #4)

Atlantis has been defeated, but countercurrents still remain…

With Atlantis now out of the picture, TAO and the Navy have created a vessel capable of Link Piece travel: the Atlas. But their aim to freely explore time to better understand the Atlantean and Lemurian war ignores the bigger threat that the Atlantean Prince had warned them: the White City.

Though Chelsea has given her opposition to the military’s plans, her disagreements have fallen on deaf ears. Instead she works to ensure the Atlas is as secure as possible and hopes for the best, an optimism that’s brought her and Trevor closer than ever.

But countercurrents run in their midst, and when Pearl Harbor is attacked, nearly destroying the Atlas in the process, Chelsea discovers that people she’s trusted most since joining SeaSatellite5 years ago have not only betrayed her in all the deepest ways…

They’ve never been on her side at all.