Driftwood (Atlas Link #1.5)


DRIFTWOOD (Atlas Link Series #1.5, novella)
May 2nd, 2017


Driftwood (Atlas Link novella)

One conspiracy theory can unravel it all…

It’s been a year since the Lemurians took SeaSatellite5 after Trevor and Chelsea failed to save the crew. They now work for TAO alongside Dr. Connor Hill. But on the anniversary of SeaSatellite5’s disappearance, nothing is well at all. The media won’t stop questioning how a multi-million-dollar military research station just up and disappeared, fueling conspiracy theories that threaten the safety of Trevor, Chelsea, and their families.

Then a famous TV archaeologist, Dr. Johansson, adds to the fire. He reveals leaked emails showing pictures of the Atlantean outpost SeaSatellite5 was excavating before the Lemurians took the station. Dr. Johansson claims there’s only way to find those types of artifacts in that resting condition. His conspiracy theory? That SeaSatellite5 wasn’t designed for oceanographic research, but as a front for an international artifact thievery ring. Dr. Johansson’s remarks stir a media whirlwind, surfacing all colors of opposition from the woodwork.

Trevor and Chelsea must set the record straight before the media wins and TAO is shut down… grounding their mission to find SeaSatellite5 forever.