Riptide (Atlas Link #3)

RIPTIDE (Book 3 of the Atlas Link Series)
October 16th, 2017

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Riptide (Atlas Link, #3)

War is just beginning…

SeaSatellite5 and its crew have been rescued, but no one is safe. Broken in the wake of TruGate’s betrayal and terrified by the White City’s resurgence, Chelsea, Trevor, and Valerie struggle to set aside their differences to keep the station—and the world—safe. The war is coming to a head and if the crew of SeaSat5 have any hope of stopping it, they’ll have to bring the fight to Atlantis.

But when Lt. Weyland reemerges, also beaten and exiled by TruGates, the truth he brings about the General’s plan turns everything on its head. SeaSat5 might have some new allies on its roster, but all of their most feared enemies are already within its walls.

Can Chelsea and Trevor stop their enemies before Atlantis strikes?