The Power (Hunter Circles #5)

The Power (Book 5 of the Hunter Circles Series) September 25th, 2017
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The Power (Hunter Circles, #5)

I’m Ben Hallen, and three and a half years ago my son was stolen from my very arms.

Now, the same demon that orchestrated his kidnapping is about to set her ultimate plan into motion. With Riley a demon, his Power is unstoppable. And with it, Lady Azar, heir to the Empire of Darkness, plans to destroy the City of Alzan and the world’s largest cianza with it.

But Lady Azar and my demon son aren’t the only threats. A new power has come into town, claiming Rachel and I are a part of their civilization. And while neither of us believes the heritage these people claim we have, our magik starts changing… and our physical bodies with it.

It leaves us no choice but to accept that our role in this war between good and evil has changed, and that instead of saving Riley, I might be forced to destroy him.