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WritingWednesdaysThis past week has been the week of editing. I didn’t write much new material, except where I added scenes or words to GYRE, but I do have a *ton* of side project ideas in mind for when this first round of edits is done.
I also received CP feedback for GYRE #2, so hopefully I can get that in shape by mid-June and submit it to CQ along with the novella I wrote. That’s the plan, anyway.
Goals For Next Week: FINISH EDITS ALREADY. Seriously. UGH. Write at least 5k to that Untitled WIP from last week. Hm… And let’s say maybe start working in my CP’s feedback on Book 2.
WIP Issues: Crippling self-doubt? No, but really. I’m at that stage in editing where I think it’s all crap and I can’t fathom how anyone would like this. But I know it’s just a phase. I’m really working through each chapter to make this book shine. I also discovered something in my CP’s notes for Book 2 that never translated back to GYRE, so… need to fix that.
Lessons Learned:
Jessica Gunn
Jessica Gunn is a New Adult fantasy and sci-fi author with Curiosity Quills Press.


  1. I know that stage of editing well! But GYRE is awesome, and I’m sure it’ll be even more awesome when you’re done with edits! 🙂

    Yes, you can learn so much from reading other genres! I normally stick to speculative fiction, but before I wrote the Alliance series, I read SO many dual-first person POV books in genres I don’t normally read (mostly NA contemporary) so I could figure out how to make the voices distinct. It made drafting so much easier!

  2. Aw man – I know that stage in the editing process. It is totally just a phase! Be strong, you are awesome and GYRE is going to be amazing! 🙂

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