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New Website & Logo!!!!

New Look - New Year - More Upcoming Books!

I’ve been working — a lot. Both IRL and behind the scenes with publishing. That’s why things have been pretty quiet. I had a few life changes that sort of forced me to put publishing on the back-burner. But all the while, I’ve been working to bring you guys some new stories. Over the past year, nothing has been more clear to me than that: I am a storyteller.

As part of this whole newness and return I’ve been working on getting a new site set up! Something simple, sleek, and easy-to-use. This should do the trick! The front page will have my newest releases. There’s a page with each series on it and the link to its Amazon Series Page. And this, my new blog, that I will likely not use too much, but it’s here.

To connect with me more readily, please check out my Instagram page:

While I can’t guarantee when there will be more books, I can say there should be a few later this year! I have a novella ready to go and am drafting a new series I’ll share more information about soon.