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Poison in the Well

Poison in the Well


Book Three of the Deadly Trades Series

I’m Ava Locke, and until now, I’ve survived on the trust of my friends and a magic humming in my veins. But when all-out war threatens the horizon, it’s going to take a Hail Mary like none of us has ever seen before to stop it.

It starts with an ancient journal written by an Ember which who discovered a way to weaponize Ember witch blood in such a way that poses dangers to everyone with magik. Dangers we discover first-hand when Will’s blood causes a healer’s death.

With all the Ember witches we rescued from Landshaft now in quarantine, our only hope are the mystifying Neuians and their neutralizing magik--and their hidden agendas. But that assistance comes at a steep cost, one the heads of the Fire Circle aren’t willing to pay.

But when the Leader of the Fire Circle is nearly killed, we no longer have any choice besides which evil is lesser: the help of the Neuians or making a deal with Jerrick and Landshaft to go to war against them.

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Embers in the Blood

Embers in the Blood