Series by Jessica Gunn

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Hunter Circles Series

Bound by duty. Marked by fate.

In a world full of magik and demons, one team of Fire Circle demon Hunters must face their shattered pasts and twisting loyalties in order to save a child from the Empire of Darkness. If they can’t, Darkness’s heir will burn Boston, and all planes of existence, to the ground.

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Deadly Trades Series

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. No allies to call on.

I'm Ava Locke. I have three dozen problems. But remaining the anonymous champion of Midnight's fighting ring wasn't one of them--until tonight, when a change in the rules pitted me against a fellow Fire Circle Hunter, and I lost. Badly.

Without the champion title masking my identity, my location is now a blinking neon sign beckoning Veynix, the demon who slaughtered my entire team. And this time, he's leaving a new wave of victims on his path to me.


The Atlas Link Series

When myths and reality collide... 

In a world defined by an ancient war between Atlantis and Lemuria, one young engineering prodigy and a fledgling archaeologist are all that stands between the warring factions and the keys to time-travel they seek. But neither side counted on agents from both factions falling in love, or exactly how far they’d go to thwart their heritages and save what matters most.